The keynotes in The Higher Education Conference 2016 are arranged and sponsored by national associations for higher education, hence showing a diversity in topics and national perspectives. Each keynote provides attention to the interrelatedness of research into the micro-, meso, and macro aspects (so learning, teaching and organising) of higher education, and the importance of this triple perspective. This triple focus is then related to a key topic related to the specialism of the keynote speaker.

Higher Education and Critical Thinking: The Nexus

Prof. dr. Jan Elen KU Leuven, Belgium

Keynote sponsored by the Netherlands Educational Research Association, SIG Higher Education (VOR)

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Prof dr. Jan Elen

The crucial role of collective practices in the wider impact of higher education

Prof. dr. Paul Ashwin Lancaster University, UK

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Dr. Paul Ashwin

From Research on Student’s Learning Processes to Research-Informed Institutional Development – A cross-level approach

Dr. Antonia Scholkmann University of Hamburg, Germany

Keynote sponsored by the German Association for Academic Development (DGHD)

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Dr. Antonia Scholkmann

Markets, Mission, and the Public Good: the future of higher education through equity in primary and secondary schooling

Prof. dr. Scott Thomas Claremont Graduate University, US

Keynote sponsored by the American Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE)

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Prof. dr. Scott Thomas

Higher Education as a Multidimensional Learning Environment

Dr. Edith Braun International Centre of Higher Education Research, Kassel, Germany

Keynote sponsored by the German Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung (GfHf)

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Dr. Edith Braun

Higher education in times of educational expansion: educating more, and more diverse, students

Dr. Louise Elffers University of Amsterdam & Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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Dr. Louise Elffers